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Wheatland, the Federal-style home of Pennsylvania’s only United States President, was beloved by James Buchanan during his residency there from 1848 until his death there in 1868. Moreover, it has been cherished by the Lancaster community ever since. Since opening to the public in 1935, Wheatland has been the centerpiece of hundreds of thousands of tours, family picnics, community events, weddings, concerts, and historical reenactments. This treasure has been the backdrop to some of the most significant events in America’s history, as well as the ordinary moments of everyday life. And, not surprisingly, like most things that have stood for nearly 200 years, it is in need of a little bit of love. Support the Wheatland Roof Fund today to help us replace the failing slate roof at Wheatland so that we can continue to protect, preserve, and make accessible this piece of presidential and Lancastrian history.

**Gifts of $250 or more will have a special opportunity to leave their mark on Wheatland and its history by signing a slate that will become part of the new roof. LancasterHistory will contact you after receipt of your gift to follow up on this opportunity.**
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